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Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO)

What is Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO)?

Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO) empowers leaders at industrial facilities to make better reliability decisions. QRO is an evolution in modeling that combines the best traditional reliability methods, multi-variant machine learning, and subject matter expertise into a hybrid model. This model combines the risk assessments of both fixed and non-fixed assets, enabling leaders with the information they need to maximize facility reliability and performance. Just as RBI and RCM were major advancements for reliability, QRO is the next advancement of reliability modeling. QRO will enable you to better leverage your data to drive your decisions by helping you determine your facility’s current performance, identify your facility’s highest risks, and pinpoint major cost drivers.

How QRO Helps You Achieve Data-Driven Reliability

Data-driven reliability is the framework for reliability improvement that connects results from QRO to your business decisions. This framework leverages reliability intelligence, a unique combination of data science, traditional models, and subject matter expert proficiency to equip facilities with the information they need to drive optimized operations. As these models learn and grow from new data and patterns, facilities are able to appropriate their budgets and spend time and money in the areas that will yield the best results.

What Quantitative Reliability Optimization Empowers You To Do

Economically Justify All Reliability Plans:

Understand the economic value of every maintenance, inspection, or reliability focused redesign at your facility

Model Complex Reliability Scenarios:

Optimize your reliability plans based on new design, different feedstock, pushed turnarounds, or market shifts

Drive Facility Sustainability:

Understand the spend and planning required to sustain a reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly facility

More Clearly Drive Digital Transformation:

Understand the data that is truly valuable to reliability and process safety and tap into and model off of that data

Provide a Common Reliability Language:

Empower your team to collaborate with safety, operations, finance, and management to create value-driven reliability plans

Better Leverage Expertise:

Use data to drive reliability decisions while focusing expertise on model refinement or reducing data uncertainty

Why Our Customers are Excited about QRO

With QRO, you can make quantified, data-driven decisions – even with limited historical asset data. For example, one of our customers was able to build an accurate reliability prediction model for all of its assets despite having limited data. Listen below to learn other reasons why our customers are excited about QRO.

A refinery recently implemented RBI, RCM, and real-time monitoring, but remained uncertain that they were investing in the correct places. Learn how we helped this facility ensure its reliability investments were properly focused to maximize availability and minimize risk with QRO.

Read the full case study: How QRO’s Holistic Approach to Reliability Helped a Refiner Forecast Availability with Limited Data

Unique Components of QRO

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