1,100+ Projects Improving Reliability Across the Globe

800+ Employees Focused on Asset Reliability Each Day

950K+ Assets Implemented into Reliability & Integrity Programs

Redefining reliability for the industry

Reliability for complex process systems means the optimized performance of an asset, system, or component, resulting in maximum overall productivity. We keep data at the heart of what we do in order to provide value to our customers, which translates to value for their employees, their customers, their stakeholders, and their communities.

Reliability makes complex process systems safer, more environmentally responsible, and more profitable. This is why we choose reliability every day for our customers, and have since 2006 – to systematically reduce risks and maximize overall productivity.

Comprehensive mechanical integrity and asset reliability solutions

Mining operations, refineries, chemical plants, and wastewater treatment facilities are all examples of some of the world’s most complex process systems, and they are vital to sustaining our way of life. Reliability is an essential part of strategy for each of these systems, no matter the industry. Our holistic perspective paired with our handling millions of pieces of reliability data per year gives us a unique vantage point into the reliability of our customers’ facilities.

Reliability data decisions made easier

With 50 percent of our employees working on client sites and offices in Pasadena, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Sacramento, California; and Rotterdam, The Netherlands; our team is ready to help you make better reliability decisions.

And with the plethora of data that your company is collecting from opposite ends of the globe on a daily basis, do you know how to leverage that data to improve your bottom line? Instead of simply housing that data and referencing it when an issue arises, we can help you analyze and learn from your data in order to make smarter, proactive reliability decisions.

Your data. Our tools. Data-driven reliability.