Quality data is the foundation of a strong reliability program.

Today, data collection is human dependent, inefficient, and vulnerable to quality issues. Data is often collected in siloes, making it inaccessible and difficult to use in future analyses. As a result, your ability to scale data-driven initiatives can be significantly impacted. The key to improving data collection is knowing where to automate your processes with technology while leveraging the appropriate amount of human oversight.

We help you efficiently and effectively collect data.

We leverage a combination of data science, focused human oversight, and data collection technology to quantify the impact of your data prior to collection, minimizing waste and redundancy.
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Data-Driven Collection Solutions

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Reducing Lifecycle Spend by Leveraging Advanced Image Analytics in Asset Integrity Programs
Watch Product Manager, Siddharth Sanghavi, and Partner, Austin Laskey, discuss leveraging advanced image analytics to help proactively monitor for damage, screen for anomalies, and detect additional defects.


Leverage the appropriate data collection tools to ensure all critical data is collected.

  • We provide a robust portfolio of field services that inspect for corrosion, cracking, fatigue, and other failure modes through traditional field inspection and non-destructive examination.

  • We provide a tailored approach for sensor deployment, including the selection, installation, and monitoring of sensors. This approach utilizes advanced data science principles to identify and ensure the value of increased data frequency through a quantitative benefit-to-cost approach.

  • We leverage strategic partnerships to deliver robotic and unmanned solutions that automate traditional human tasks when needed. From project design to delivery, we ensure data is acquired in a cost-effective manner.

People & Process

We help your facility sustain its collection activities by training your employees and confirming all work processes are understood.

  • We identify areas of improvement for your current people and work processes and build a plan to eliminate any existing gaps in performance.

  • We implement and manage this improvement plan with minimal impact to your daily operations.

  • We monitor and sustain collection systems to ensure continuous improvements are made over time.


Our technology approach targets a fully digital experience for data collection and storage, creating efficiencies within your processes and driving quantifiable value.

  • We ensure technology is supported at your facility by adapting it to your existing business work processes.

  • We work with your team to select the technology that best fits your facility’s needs, leveraging our knowledge and experience with leading data collection tools and technology.

  • We provide a complete solution for deploying data collection technology including the selection, implementation, execution, and monitoring of technology across digital workers, sensors, UAVs, and robotics solutions.

Streamlining Mechanical Integrity with Industrial Partnership

Learn how we helped a refinery streamline its MI program by connecting the facility’s data with their tactical and strategic goals through the implementation of a comprehensive engineering and inspection services offering.

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