Make Your Data Useful.

Without context and structure, data is essentially useless. The data we use today is often static and siloed, requiring an abundance of human intervention and assumptions to finalize any analysis. Organizing data so that the relationships between them are easy to use for humans and algorithms is critical to scaling data-driven initiatives and deploying solutions quickly.

We quickly organize data by digitizing, structuring, and contextualizing data at scale.

Data organization builds relationships between all data sources in real-time, removing the need for a single system and unlocking the power of data science to help you make better reliability decisions today.
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Data-Driven Organization Solutions


We help you organize all critical reliability data across your facility.

  • We digitize your data by scanning and storing all relevant data in the appropriate data management system for your business needs to create a single source of truth.

  • We catalogue and structure data across your management systems to accelerate accessibility and identify critical gaps.

  • We contextualize data and build relationships between your management systems to give you a holistic perspective of your data.

People & Process

We help you sustain your reliability data systems by training your employees and ensuring all work processes are clearly understood.

  • We understand your current people and work processes to build an improvement plan to eliminate performance gaps.

  • We implement and manage this plan at your facility to ensure minimal impact to your daily tasks and activities.

  • We monitor these organization systems to sustain continuous improvements over time.


Our approach to technology creates a single, front-end user interface between your data management systems.

  • We create a single user experience across business and engineering teams to ensure minimal training requirements.

  • We integrate data across all of your systems to increase ease of accessibility for your data.

  • We build a foundational data layer that feeds advanced analytics and user applications.

How bp is Achieving 20% Reduction in Inspection Costs Through Standardization

Learn how bp recognized 20% reduction in inspection costs, 50% reduction in engineering effort, and 45% reduction in risk determination by standardizing its inspection build program across all sites.

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