Understand the impact of reliability to drive the right actions.

Today, reliability and operational leaders are making decisions that impact the reliability of their operations. The dynamic nature of economic factors, process changes, and siloed programs make it extremely difficult to connect business goals to reliability activities. Many facilities struggle with static inspection and maintenance plans and do not leverage a dynamic cost/benefit analysis to drive their plans. As a result, these facilities do not understand the quantified reliability implications of operational strategy changes. Data-driven reliability can help you leverage intelligent reliability models that connect your data across your facility’s reliability supply chain, helping you drive long-term reliability performance.

Improve and sustain your facility's reliability performance by optimizing process and operational strategies, capital deployment, and preventative and predictive maintenance strategies.

From maintenance and inspection activities to daily operations, every decision that a reliability and operational leader makes has an impact on the reliability of their operations. With data-driven reliability, you’ll be equipped with the information you need to make the best decisions for your facility.
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Strategic Decisions Solutions


Improve and sustain reliability performance across your business by using the right data and intelligence to drive strategic decisions. 

  • We ensure all business goals are incorporated into the data-driven reliability plan through initiatives such as capital deployment, sustainability, and digital transformation 

  • We work with your facility’s leadership to identify program-specific reliability goals ensuring maintenance and inspection plans align with operational strategy.

People & Process

Make informed reliability decisions by leveraging clear processes with an empowered workforce. 

  • We enable you to make clear, cross-functional maintenance, inspection, and operations decisions that connect your field data to your business strategies. 

  • We ensure approved maintenance and inspection activities are properly planned and scheduled to maximize utilization and quality. 

  • We equip your stakeholders and workforce by providing customized training that fits your business needs. 


Utilize the right technology to empower your reliability decisions.  

  • We work with many of the recognized reliability and maintenance software packages and will help you select the technology that will enable you to make more effective decisions.  

  • We ensure these software packages function in accordance with your designated work processes. 

Reliability Transformation for a Greenfield Plant: Implementing a PSM-Complaint Reliability Program from Startup to Finish

Learn how a greenfield fractionation plant was able to implement a PSM-compliant reliability program and optimize the connection between its data and business goals.

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