Making the
World Reliable

We do this by helping complex process facilities such as refineries, chemical plants, mining facilities, and water treatment plants use their data to make confident and strategic reliability decisions.

We Help Industrial Leaders Use Data to Drive Reliability for Less

Who We Are​

At Pinnacle, we are explorers and are constantly working to discover newer and better ways to improve both our operations and our customers’ operations. We have daring ideas and continue to push the envelope to redefine what reliability means for the industry. Our main measure of success is based on how much value we deliver to our customers to ensure that they can quantify the impact that operating more reliably has on their facility. Innovation is at the heart of our values of excellence, impact, and growth, helping us carry out our vision of making the world reliable.


To continue to be trailblazers in the reliability space, we must realize excellence. It is because we strive for excellence that our vision is to make the world reliable, one customer at a time.


Service is at the heart of what we do, and we want our service to leave a lasting, positive mark on everyone we interact with. The reason we drive excellence and why we prioritize growth is so we can make an impact.


Our team is always looking for ways to better serve our customers. Because growth is a part of our culture, we use what we learn from data to help others make better reliability decisions.

We Are Making the World Reliable


Invested in R&D and Ventures, focused on industrial reliability and data science


Assets implemented and analyzed for reliability and integrity programs


Employees dedicated to improving reliability, with 50% embedded in customer sites


Reliability software packages implemented to enable data-driven decisions

Join us as we make
the world reliable

We’re committed to finding new ways to build our team of people who make it possible. 

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