Stock the Right Spare Parts. Optimize Inventory Costs. Maximize Facility Reliability.

Having a spare parts stocking strategy is critical for heavy processing facilities, but relying on vendor-based recommendations is not always the best strategy. Driving a risk-based spare optimization analysis is the primary way to ensure you are optimizing your warehouse costs while achieving best-in-class reliability.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Unavailability of the right spare part for equipment when needed

Unnecessary spare equipment stocking, resulting in tied-up capital and maintenance costs

Reliance on vendor-based recommendations rather than a risk-based economic justification

How We Solve These Challenges

For greenfield projects, we will collect spare part information from the vendor data provided to the project and will run the risk-based demand model based on the dominant failure modes identified during the Reliability Centered Maintenance analysis.

Overall, whether brownfield or greenfield, we will ensure your facility is managing the appropriate level of equipment spare parts through best-in-class risk-based analysis, specifically by:

Associating parts for proactive and corrective maintenance tasks

Using criticality, demand analysis, and usage history to set appropriate minimum stocking levels and reorder points based on financial analysis

Implementing a set of program workflows showing how key activities are performed and who is responsible for each activity

Incorporating the spare parts information into your CMMS or other material management systems

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