Data-Driven Operations & Maintenance

A well-executed O&M program helps facilities save money by maximizing asset reliability and life span, in addition to helping operators maintain compliance with strict federal and state regulations. As water and wastewater facilities continue to adjust to increasing demand with aging infrastructure, proactive reliability becomes a key factor in helping facilities avoid operational failure and balance O&M costs. Pinnacle’s data-driven reliability framework is based in the most accurate risk calculations, helping you to confidently plan maintenance activities and maximize reliability, availability, and return on investment.

On average, 40% of an operator’s O&M expenses are allocated to reliability-related initiatives.

Major industry challenges include balancing the cost of aging infrastructure, growing demand, and limited budgets

As facilities continue to age, they are spending more on O&M but are reaching the point of diminishing returns in reliability improvement

In addition to cost-effectively achieving reliability, O&M programs must meet strict federal and state regulatory requirements

Our data-driven reliability framework helps you to confidently prioritize activities that provide the highest value.

The first step includes digitizing and organizing data. Then, The intelligent models that combine reliability data science and engineering process the data to provide precisely accurate risk calculations, resulting in an understanding of system-wide impact and improved maintenance planning and resource allocation.

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