Spare parts management and optimization will ensure your spare parts investment is well spent.

Striking the proper balance between the number of spares to be held in inventory and the number of spares not to be held is a common challenge. A spare parts analysis establishes a clear stocking strategy that will help avoid overstocking spares (and wasting money) or understocking spares and risking delayed repair times for critical assets.

Pinnacle works closely with clients to define a spare parts strategy, which is based on equipment criticality, the cost associated with stocking individual parts, and the risk of not stocking specific parts. Pinnacle’s team of engineers and technicians offer detailed spare parts optimization and development support by developing a risk-based spare parts strategy, identifying potential spare parts and Equipment Parts Lists (EPLs), making risk-based recommendations for spare parts to be stocked, associating parts for proactive and corrective maintenance tasks, and incorporating the spare parts information into the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), or other material management systems.

Services Include:

  • Equipment Parts List (EPL) Development
  • Spare Parts Optimization / Recommended Stocking Quantities
  • Warehouse Reconciliation
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