On average, facilities waste at least 10% of their budget on the administrative tasks that occur when preparing for upcoming activities. As decision makers across all industries are facing the challenge of reducing cost while maintaining safe and reliable operations, knowing how to optimize your budget and resources is crucial to successfully navigating the current situation.

One way your facility can reduce cost is by digitizing your existing work processes. Whether you digitize all your facility’s work processes or only your facility’s field execution procedures, digitizing your existing work processes can help you optimize your budget by eliminating unnecessary steps in your facility’s operations.

Three major areas where your facility could have the opportunity to reduce cost by digitizing your existing work processes are:

    • Updating your facility’s plans and corporate stewardship reporting to give a clear, up-to-date report on your assets
    • Identifying accurate drawings, engineering documents, and asset specific information to ensure you are pulling information from the correct documents
    • Preparing field documentation and inputting back into systems so you can make decisions based on real-time data

The key to a successful digitization of your existing work processes is identifying which work processes you want to digitize and creating a plan to map out the major milestones. To properly identify and plan which procedures you would like to digitize, you must evaluate the current state of your facility by asking the following questions:

    • Do you have a clear understanding of your facility’s key performance metrics for each phase of your program?
    • Do you spend more than 10% of your budget and resources on preparing the execution of the task?
    • Do you have administrative staff supporting your team with data preparation or data entry tasks?

Next, identify the plan your facility will use to optimize your resources and budget through on-demand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Start by creating on-demand KPIs through visualization dashboards, which include historical and forecast spending, field productivity and utilization KPIs, forecast risk tied to planned work, availability and downtime KPIs, loss of pressure containment performance, and special emphasis management.

After creating on-demand KPIs, you need to develop your strategy and plan execution. To begin, most importantly, ensure that you have created an electronic document library to leverage the documentation you have across your organization. Next, utilize electronic circuitization and corrosion modeling diagrams to provide the end user and customer with the ability to search and find things quickly. Last, ensure that you have planned schedule work digitization dashboards in place to keep track of project inspections including items such as due dates, event types, plan date timelines, and more.

Digitized inspection execution systems should utilize a combination of software services, field services, and engineering services. This will enable your facility to leverage real-time field productivity and will digitize the Quality Assurance (QA) process, reduce administrative burden, allow all strategies to be updated real-time, and ensure all asset strategies are tracked and updated real-time through the evergreening process. To conclude, focus on these four major items to reduce cost by digitizing your existing work processes:

    • Digitize reporting of your current work processes leveraging business intelligence tools
    • Electronically categorize drawings (P&IDs, PFDs, ISOs)
    • Digitize field execution reporting
    • Digitize reporting of current tasks

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