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SMRP’s 32nd Annual Conference

We’re attending SMRP’s 32nd Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida!

We’re attending SMRP’s 32nd Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida! Come visit us at Booth #427 to learn how you can better leverage your data to shift to a more proactive approach to reliability.

Whether you are a maintenance manager, a process engineer, a reliability specialist, or a business leader, a data-driven approach to reliability can help you effectively enhance the sustainability and performance of your reliability program.

We’ve seen two major themes during our time at the previous SMRP Annual Conferences. First, many industrial facilities have reliability programs that are in their infancy, and facility leaders are looking to mature their programs by incorporating basic reliability principles into their processes. Second, facilities are looking to switch to a more proactive maintenance approach and are looking for a solution that will streamline and prioritize data from multiple systems into a single view of reliability.

Check out our presentations from the previous SMRP Annual Conferences:

How to Eliminate Data Silos to Drive Better Reliability Decisions at Your Facility

Many industrial facilities have design, operations, process, asset condition, and risk model data stored in a variety of different repositories, creating data silos. Regardless of whether the data is a hardcopy, stored in spreadsheets, or software, the solution is not simply integrating everything into one software. The key to building a strong reliability program is to correctly bring your data together and properly contextualize it by feeding it into the right models. In this presentation, Sean Rosier and Michael Wallace discuss how facilities can approach solving common data challenges to build a strong reliability program.

Establishing Reliability as a Part of Your Capital Projects

Today’s projects have become more complex and require an ever-increasing integration into multiple areas of customer operating organizations due to the large volumes of engineering and operational data required to effectively operate and maintain a facility over its expected design life. Additionally, increasing government regulation and financial performance have required owners to have all operating systems and information in place prior to start up or the awarding of an operating license, making operational readiness a critical component of achieving facility goals in the design phase. In this presentation, presenters will discuss a case study example of how a wastewater treatment facility undergoing an estimated $1.7B capital expansion was able to recognize an estimated $100MM in cost savings over the life of the facility by applying Reliability Centered Design (RCD) and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) principles from front-end engineering design all the way through commissioning. Watch to learn how you can leverage operational readiness to improve design, optimize capital and operational expenditures, and streamline operations and maintenance at their facilities.

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