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Ryan Sitton Announced as Hart Energy’s Agent of Change in Energy

PASADENA, TEXAS (November 30, 2023) – Ryan Sitton is being inducted into Hart Energy’s inaugural Hall of Fame and Agents of Change in Energy. The Agents of Change in Energy are leaders in the energy industry who positively impact how we power the world now and into the future. 

“Being selected as an Agent of Change is rewarding because it highlights the hard work that Pinnacle has been doing to change an industry that is very difficult to change, specifically when it comes to data,” said Ryan Sitton, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle. “The energy industry has used traditional approaches to leveraging data to make decisions about completing maintenance work, planning for outages, or investing in expansions. Pinnacle is putting our shoulder into changing how the industry uses data.” 

In 2006, Ryan and Jennifer Sitton founded Pinnacle (Pinnacle Asset Integrity Services at the time) with a vision of making the world more reliable. Pinnacle helps complex process facilities such as refineries, chemical plants, mining facilities, and water treatment plants use their data to make confident and strategic reliability decisions. Since its founding in 2006, Pinnacle has expanded into three primary global hubs, including Pasadena, Texas, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Hyderabad, India. 

All Hall of Fame Honorees and Agents of Change will be recognized at the inaugural Hart Energy Hall of Fame Awards and Celebration on Tuesday, December 5th, at A.D. Players at the George Theater in Houston, Texas.  

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