Water and wastewater facility management is continually re-prioritizing budgets as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. In April, an American Waterworks Associated report estimated that the water industry would experience $32.7B worth of financial impact as a result of the pandemic.  In June, many public agencies, specifically city municipalities, reported a 30% loss of revenue and taxes bases. As water and wastewater treatment facilities receive less funding, facility management is having to quickly determine the areas their facility can reduce budget without negatively impacting operations.

While there is not a “one size fits all” solution for all water and wastewater facilities, there are a few decision-making tactics that facility management can use to help identify solutions that will work for their facility.

This week, Pinnacle’s Teddy Huerta talked with Wyatt Troxel to discuss how facilities can re-prioritize their budgets as a result of reduced funding. Troxel is a consultant for the wastewater industry and currently works with many water and wastewater facilities currently facing COVID challenges. Troxel has a significant technical background in the water and wastewater industry, experience as a policy maker, and is a board member of several major water and wastewater agencies in California.

What challenges have your clients had to adapt to as a result of COVID?

About 250 public agencies in California reported a 93% loss in revenue as a result of COVID. This loss of revenue makes it difficult for facilities to determine where they can reduce their budget without affecting the delivery of their services and commodities.

Facility leaders are having to quickly make decisions that impact their facility. Many facilities don’t have the data to quantify why one item or process is more important than another one. How have your clients been prioritizing their budget during this time?

My clients are typically a little more progressive than other agencies. The key to successfully navigating this situation is establishing a culture of collaboration between the financial and technical groups in the organization. When those two groups operate in silos, facility leaders will have a difficult time determining where they can reduce their budget without negatively affecting their facility. It is up to facility management to initiate the collaboration culture.

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