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The Economics of Reliability Report – Global Metal & Fertilizer Mining

The Economics of Reliability - Global Metal & Fertilizer Mining

As the world economy continues to transform, the health of our global economy depends critically on the success of metal and fertilizer miners. With one third of the world’s economy directly affected by the reliability of operations, reliability can make the difference between being an industry leader and laggard. Throughout this report, we analyze 15 large, publicly traded metal and fertilizer miners, the production levels and corresponding economic value of individual metals and fertilizer components, and identify the key trends that are driving reliability in this crucial industry.

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Key Insights from this Report

  • Metal and fertilizer miners spend $55 billion on reliability initiatives, which is about 10% more than is spent by petroleum refiners.
  • Metal and fertilizer miners have been focused on balance sheet management over the past half decade, likely creating vulnerabilities in their existing reliability programs.
  • Some miners achieve better results while spending less on reliability, suggesting the best path is to spend less while targeting that spend surgically.

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