What does Value Engineering mean to you? Is it a means to truly add value to your capital projects, or is it a means to cut capital costs regardless of long-term impacts? What would true value engineering look like? While the core drivers for VE Value Engineering (VE) are essentially to meet the required function at the lowest cost, with cost being the prime motivator, Reliability Centered Design (RCD) includes those same drivers (cost, performance) while also introducing the evaluation of risk. For projects with funding sources or oversight requiring VE, RCD can be used to help ensure that critical assets aren’t being cut.

We invite you to join Pinnacle’s Solutions Analyst, Laura Hudson, as she discusses how RCD can help you increase the long-term value of your next capital project. After viewing this webinar, you will walk away with a better understanding of:

  • The difference between RCD and VE in design phase
  • How RCD improves VE
  • The benefits and value of using RCD
  • How to balance capital cost, lifecycle cost, and risk in greenfield projects

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