About the Webinar

In our industry, we deal with more initiatives than our plates can handle. How do we know which initiatives to implement, and further, which to do first? Even if you know which initiatives your facility should focus on, how do you convince leadership that something is worth investing in-especially if the initiative integrates across functions?

In this webinar, Pinnacle presenters, Senior Director of Operations, John Campo, and Senior Client Solutions Engineer, Lewis Makin, will discuss five key steps to achieve cost-justification of initiatives to help you evaluate your site practices and performance to achieve results that will highlight the most valuable improvement opportunities across functions and departments.

  1. Reflect on Your Purpose
  2. Measure Your Opportunities
  3. Connect Value to Your Solutions
  4. Sustain Top Performance
  5. Build Your Roadmap to Success

About the Presenters

Senior Director of Operations, John Campo, has found success at Pinnacle since 2009 through helping clients transform their reliability, integrity, maintenance, and operating practices. John  is a technical leader in many areas of reliability within the oil and gas, and chemical processing industries. and began with spending nearly ten years at Rohm and Haas driving inspection and RBI programs, performing reliability improvements, implementing CMMS (SAP Plant Maintenance), and connecting operating improvements to overall plant reliability. John went on to manage the reliability and maintenance department at a Celanese plant, followed by a role where he implemented global best practices for BHP Billiton within the corporate petroleum group.  John earned a Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in business from Texas A&M University, is a Professional Engineer, and is active in industry groups such as the API Subcommittee on Inspection and Mechanical Integrity (SCIMI), SMRP, and the Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society (PMIES).

Pinnacle’s Senior Client Solutions Engineer, Lewis Makin is responsible for building and managing long lasting client relationships with maintenance and reliability departments in the oil & gas, mining, and specialty chemical sectors across the globe. With over five years of experience in the oil & gas industry, Lewis works to assisting clients with assessments, long-term strategy, implementation and maintenance of asset integrity and reliability programs at process facilities.


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