While the plant is running, Pinnacle can perform external on-stream inspection services via visuals, ultrasonics, radiography, and other Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) methods. Pinnacle can do this for a select group of assets, or can take over the on-stream program by performing all the inspections on an annual basis, keeping the facility in compliance and increasing reliability via the chosen Inspection Data Management System (IDMS).

Capital Projects/Asset Expansion

Whether facilities are needing to replace older equipment, or are wanting to expand their operations to include additional production units, they invest in capital projects to optimize safety, compliance, and profitability. For these capital projects, Pinnacle provides integrated capital project support throughout the designing, installing, operating, and maintaining phases to build asset integrity and reliability as the new equipment and systems are brought online. By integrating reliability and integrity during asset start-up, facilities are able to optimize resources and costs by properly setting preventative maintenance and inspection intervals.

When new units are being added to a facility, the new equipment needs to receive baseline inspections. Having baseline inspection data is critical, as this information will help to ensure more reliable corrosion rate calculations. If baseline measurements are not taken, there can be errors in calculated corrosion rates—and, there will be no way to determine true corrosion rates. In this situation, skewed data may not identify when severe corrosion is occurring—or, it may show higher corrosion rates than what is actually occurring. On one hand, if severe corrosion is missed, inaccurate extended inspection intervals will be set, leading to a hazardous situation, although the facility believes it is safe. On the other hand, if corrosion is thought to be high, facilities can be setting too early inspection dates.

Pinnacle can support capital projects and / or asset expansion with baseline inspections. In addition to inspection services, our integrity and reliability engineers will also implement the new data into all relevant documentation and inspection software, perform corrosion studies and an RBI analysis, and set accurate inspection schedules.

Run and Maintain Services

Pinnacle can identify all overdue on-stream inspections on equipment and piping circuits, and provide required inspection support to ensure zero overdue inspection metrics. All required inspections will be supported via Pinnacle API inspectors and technicians.

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