Pinnacle provides damage/corrosion analysis and model diagrams to identify the specific type of degradation and associated corrosion rate or susceptibility that is expected for each asset. Potential damage mechanisms, including modeled rates and susceptibilities, are identified for each asset based on a systematic review of design, process, operation, and past inspection information. By combining industry standard templates and models (API 581, API 571, Compass Corrosion Guide, NACE Standards, etc.) with Pinnacle’s damage, corrosion, and metallurgical expertise, a theoretical model is produced.

Once the model is built and verified by key facility stakeholders, Corrosion Model Diagrams (CMDs) are created by overlaying the following data on the facility’s systemized Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs): metallurgy, equipment liners, Post Weld Heat Treatment, insulation, operating conditions, projected damage mechanisms and projected damage rates and susceptibilities.

As part of our corrosion modeling service, we utilize our in-house software, Corrosion Modeler™, which will standardize the modeling process, reduce user error, and document assumptions and results. This combination of technology and world-class corrosion expertise allows us to consistently ensure that these models are accurate.

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