Last week, Pinnacle’s Vice President of Client Solutions, Nathanael Ince, and Principal of Asset Management Solutions, Sean Rosier, closed out 2019’s year of trade shows and events by exhibiting as a Silver Sponsor at the 34th Annual International Maintenance Conference (IMC 2019). The conference, which felt like a dream working “vacation” for the reliability fanatic, was located in beautiful Marco Island, Florida.

The International Maintenance Conference, hosted by, has been uniting reliability leaders, asset managers, condition monitoring specialists, and maintenance professionals for over 34 years. The conference is filled with learning sessions, professional networking events, a three-day exposition, and certificate workshops and presentations led by industry experts, all focused around the discovery of what it takes to create an effective high reliability culture. Popular presentations this year highlighted asset management, leadership for reliability, reliability engineering for maintenance, work execution management, and women in reliability and asset management.

Missed the conference? Our team brought back a handful of ideas, topics, and conversations from their time on the expo floor with conference attendees.

Hot topics from the expo floor

Assessments, Benchmarking, and Creating a Roadmap

35% of booth attendees had challenges around

Are your priorities in the right place? If so, how will these priorities pay off in the short and long term? Benchmarking and program gap closure assessments can quantify business value and link it to a practical program improvement plan. This helps unify business decision makers with the reliability and maintenance professionals that need help improving their program. Learn more here.

The process to improve the reliability and asset performance of facilities often involves initiatives, various projects, and technologies. This can cause management to be bogged down with implementing point solutions that may or may not address the facility-wide objectives to create step-changes in availability, cost optimization, safety, and/or compliance. Learn how to develop a successful roadmap that will allow you to improve the reliability and asset performance at your facility in our webinars. Learn more here.

Creating a Reliability-Driven Culture

25% of booth attendees had challenges around

Creating and implementing a reliability culture not only creates a safer, more reliable working environment, but also imparts ownership and teamwork of interdependent functional groups. Conversations with booth attendees centered around culture, ranging from justifying improvement initiatives, managing change throughout departments, and shifting from a reactive reliability culture to a proactive reliability culture. Learn more here.


40% of booth attendees had challenges around

We all share the common goal of keeping our facility performing at a best-in-class level regarding overall operational availability. By evergreening, you can help your facility maintain the viability of reliability programs as systems change. Learn more here.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

57% of booth attendees had challenges around

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) was a hot topic for us at almost every trade show in 2019. Our RCM process enables significant resource savings, requiring less investment while maintaining appropriate technical rigor. Learn more about what RCM is, RCM and maintenance strategies, and how you can optimize costs at your facility here.

Spare Parts Optimization

78% of booth attendees had challenges around

In addition to RCM, Spare Parts Optimization is one of the most popular topics we discussed with our booth attendees in 2019. Reduce your mean time to repair, reduce your downtime, and optimize your whole end cost by ensuring that your spare parts are organized and available. Learn more here.

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