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Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO) Guide

Realize Data-Driven Reliability with QRO

QRO brings the best of RBI, RCM, RAM, and Multi-Variate Machine Learning together in one model, bridging the gap between first principles, system analysis and machine learning approaches today. Through our QRO Series, we will delve into the four elements of QRO:

  • Asset Risk Analysis (ARA): Integrates first principles engineering analysis and asset data with field execution limitations and operational constraints to build the foundation of our reliability operating basis
  • Lifetime Variability Curve (LVC): Quantifies predicted failure using data science principles, leverages historical information or no data, and updates dynamically as new data enters the system, resulting in a more realistic and dynamic end of life prediction
  • Forecasting System Availability: Creates a dynamic cause and effect link between every data point and the facility, allowing operators to model how each asset, component, or data point impacts facility performance
  • Reliability Simulation and Performance Optimization: Using the causal links created, we can simulate events and identify optimized plans to drive the highest performance at the lowest cost, while ensuring operational safety
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