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Ryan Sitton Inspires Energy Industry’s Future Leaders in Series of Speaking Events

Ryan Sitton, founder of Pinnacle, the world’s largest reliability data analytics company and author of debut book, “Crucial Decisions,” was recently featured as a guest lecturer to university students enrolled in top energy management programs across the country. Featured topics included his vast knowledge of data analytics and the energy industry including potential challenges, opportunities and transitions. Sitton, the youngest person honored as a distinguished engineering alumnus by Texas A&M University, will continue to educate students through a series of speaking events into February 2021 on how data is redefining the energy industry and why the secret to sustainability is reliability.

In late October, Sitton was invited to virtually speak with students enrolled in the University of Tulsa’s energy department to share his vast experience with business analytics and data systems, explaining how big data helps industry leaders make complex decisions, a topic widely discussed in his newly released book, “Crucial Decisions.”

Most recently, Sitton spoke to students at Rice University during the university’s annual energy finance summit, moderated by Rachel Adams-Heard of Bloomberg, to share how energy supply and demand may change both domestically and globally in the coming years. Sitton also shared the changes ahead in the energy industry and what navigating those opportunities, challenges and transitions may look like for those involved.

Sitton and the Pinnacle team are ardent about investing time and resources into early stage innovative companies in the reliability technology space. In October, Pinnacle announced the establishment of Pinnacle Ventures, a corporate venturing fund, and a commitment to invest $50 million into startups with impactful data-driven solutions.

“Innovation is at the core of Pinnacle’s values,” said Sitton. “While we continue to drive innovation internally, we also want to empower others within the energy industry to do the same in order to make the energy industry the most reliable it has ever been. Students are our future and we want to inspire and support them in as many ways as we can, whether that be sharing our knowledge and expertise through these series of talks or by supporting early stage innovation companies, we are committed to continuously supporting and improving the energy industry.”

On Nov. 30, Sitton will sit down with students at Texas A&M University for a virtual distinguished lecture in energy. On Feb. 2, 2021, Sitton will speak to students at the University of Texas as a guest of the university’s energy symposium series.

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