Pinnacle, a leading expert in designing, maintaining, and implementing asset integrity and reliability programs announces its Founding Legacy Sponsorship of Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s IMPACT Pasadena program, a professional leadership program for business and community leaders in Pasadena, Texas. The program, which was created in partnership with Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Pasadena Economic Development Corporation, equips emerging leaders from a variety of organizations in the Pasadena community with leadership skills and knowledge that participants can use for their professional development and to positively impact the Pasadena community.


“Being a member of IMPACT Pasadena has allowed me to further refine my leadership skills, both at Pinnacle and in the local community,” said Milea Cosby, Partner at Pinnacle and member of IMPACT Pasadena.  “This experience has given me an opportunity to meet and work with leaders in different industries across the city and has helped me become more aware of where Pinnacle can make a difference throughout Pasadena.”


Participants in the IMPACT Pasadena program interact with a diverse group of leaders from a variety of companies including oil and gas facilities, charitable organizations, and financial institutions. These leaders help educate the participants on social and economic issues that face the Pasadena community and work with the participants to support key initiatives of the city through participation in local community organizations. Additionally, each participant is matched with a mentor who is actively involved in the Pasadena community.

For more information on IMPACT Pasadena, visit Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.

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