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Webinar: The Path to Proper Piping Asset Strategies

About the Webinar

According to a study presented at the 2004 European Federation of Corrosion, approximately 35 cents of every maintenance dollar is spent on fixed equipment and 55% of that cost is spent on piping equivalent to about 20 cents of every maintenance dollar. However, it isn’t uncommon to struggle to develop and maintain asset strategies for piping due to lack of guidance, resource attention and inaccurate data. This leads us to ask the question; what does it really take to have successful piping strategies?

We invite you to join in for a complimentary webinar hosted alongside Inspectioneering. Within the webinar Pinnacle’s Program Manager, Dylan Jacobson, and Project Manager, Austin Laskey, will walk through a four step process to develop effective and efficient asset strategies for piping to optimize cost, refocus resources and reduce risk. Following the webinar, attendees will walk away ready to analyze the current and future state of their program; understanding how to identify threats to pressure containment and optimize CML placement strategies incorporating the right coverage, time and techniques to create a thriving piping strategy program.

Watch the webinar here.


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