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Webinar: Maximizing the Value of Your Meridium APM Upgrade

Companies often struggle with implementations of Asset Performance Management (APM) Applications and fail to achieve the full potential of those applications. There are many reasons for those struggles, including: software-focused implementations, lack of vision/goals, and exclusions on necessary activities to minimize costs. By taking a different approach, in which a reliability or mechanical program aligns the functional needs of the business with the technical capabilities of APM, the full potential of your software can be unlocked.

This webinar will explore incorporating this approach into an important initiative that many APM software users are currently evaluating: upgrading their software to the newest version. If done correctly, the upgrade will allow you to refresh your program and use of the tool by keeping current pieces you like, discarding what isn’t working well, and leveraging new capabilities. Following the webinar, APM users will be able to walk away with three components to unlock potential during the upgrade process:

  • Define the Path
  • Upgraded Approach
  • Make It Stick

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