Cognite Product Tour 2023: Data-Driven Asset Performance Management

In the world of reliability and maintenance, facilities are constantly challenged with maximizing uptime and reducing downtime in a cost-effective way. Unfortunately, there are many challenges to this approach. Facilities often have multiple data repositories, lack data contextualization, and have critical insights locked into vendor-specific systems. As a result, work processes between fixed and non-fixed assets are disconnected, data is siloed and static, and data analysis is focused on the asset level.

Successful, data-driven asset management focuses on solving this industrial data problem. A data-driven approach to reliability extends asset life and maximizes labor productivity in a cost-effective way. In this webinar, Lewis Makin, Partner at Pinnacle, walks through a demonstration of an analysis platform that connects the data of both fixed and non-fixed assets into a system model, enabling business and reliability teams to better understand the current and future states of their facility.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Implement and scale successful asset performance management strategies across your organization
  • Forecast availability and identify your top 10 contributors to downtime
  • Gain better visibility into which tasks have the most significant impact on your facility to prioritize your decisions more strategically
  • Review how the data of specific assets such as corrosion rates, economic risk, and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks impact the system
  • Predict future downtimes to plan preventive maintenance to update in real time as more data is collected to drive future and more predictive analytics

Want to learn how you can drive future and predictive analytics?

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