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Case Study: Optimizing Time & Money Through Integrated Capital Project Support

Learn how we helped fully support a Midwestern refinery’s project team to prevent loss of containment events during large capital projects.

The Challenge

A refinery in the Midwest processes crude oil from Canada to produce a broad range of products such as gasoline and diesel fuels, propane, butane, and more. After several loss of containment events during large capital projects (including updates to the Flare System, the Coker Unit, and the Retreater Unit), this particular facility decided to have equipment and inspection strategies developed prior to the commissioning of a new, large capital project.

Historically, this Midwestern facility had several capital projects fall behind schedule, typically stemming from resource shortages. Specifically, the facility did not have the capacity to effectively manage the large capital project workload and simultaneously develop the additional equipment strategies required. For that reason, the equipment strategies were not meeting deadlines. With limited resources, there were many fluctuations in those participating in the capital project development on the site level. This consistent movement of resources within the organization created expertise voids and caused the facility to fail to meet equipment strategy deadlines prior to mechanical completion. The facility eventually found that working in this manner was both inefficient and costly, which led them to identify the need for support.

Pinnacle's Solution

Pinnacle became integrated into the client’s capital project team and was able to manage resource loading, shortages, and provide expertise. Pinnacle supported the project team through the following aspects:

Resource Management

  • Handled all reporting and engineering reviews with the client
  • Maintained an appropriately sized team onsite to complete
    all required work

Owning Scope from Start to Finish

  • Identified scope of assets undergoing strategy development
    for all equipment classes (fixed, rotating, I&E)
  • Handled execution and implementation


  • Full team remains onsite as a knowledge base to handle continuous improvement
  • Handles reliability/strategy development on all future projects


As a result of Pinnacle’s support, the client achieved the following benefits:

  • Optimized Costs: By not having to hire additional internal staff to deal with the fluctuating resource loading, the facility was able to avoid an increase in costs
  • Met Deadlines: Pinnacle’s ability to be solely dedicated to the project enabled all deadlines to be met consistently, keeping the project on track. The site no longer has issues and operates ahead of schedule.
  • Consistent Results: With consistent results, confidence and trust were created within the organization.


Pinnacle remains onsite as a trusted advisor to site management, coordinating with all onsite personnel to continue developing strategies for capital projects and supporting base operations. Through integration with the site, Pinnacle continues to execute strategy development on time and with quality.

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