Pinnacle Ventures
Accelerating Reliability​

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We invest in the most promising technologies in the reliability space.

Pinnacle Ventures is the corporate venture arm of Pinnacle, and the only corporate venture fund focused on data-driven reliability. The $50 million fund was created to accelerate Pinnacle’s vision of making the world reliable. We identify innovative, industry-leading ideas and companies with disruptive potential and help them achieve their next level of success through a potential investment of up to $5 million, industry-leading coaching, and a potential commercialization partnership with Pinnacle.


Company applies online for consideration


We review application and conduct discovery engagements


Company pitches to the investment committee


We come to an agreement on terms and funding

Companies We Look For

Has technology focused
on industrial reliability

Has application to at least one of the following industries: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Water/Wastewater, Waste to Energy, Pharmaceutical, Power, Discrete Manufacturing, Defense, Aerospace, Maritime

Needs assistance in funding, go to
market, or technology iteration

“We have a unique position in the market, solely dedicated to one thing – making the world reliable. Pinnacle Ventures is on a mission to accelerate reliability and better serve our industry through disruptive technologies and innovations.”

Nathanael Ince

VP, Business Development

Portfolio Company: was originally created to help homeowners and HVAC services providers recognize the full value of their air conditioning systems. Read about how the investment is helping them accelerate reliability.

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