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Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO) Executive Brief

We’re introducing the next evolution of reliability – Quantitative Reliability Optimization. Join us as we transform how the world approaches reliability

When it comes to the basic needs of modern living—commodities—we expect them to be available when required and sold at reasonable prices. For this to happen, complex industrial facilities must be reliable. Over the years, the definition of reliability has varied based on the context and people applying the term. When talking at a facility, business, or industry level, reliable has meant something different than when talking about a specific asset or piece of equipment within the facility. Pinnacle defines reliability as the ability to operate when desired.

As the world’s largest industries place an even bigger emphasis on lowering costs while sustaining operations, companies strive to ensure that reliability and maintenance investments are in the right places and result in increased performance. To achieve the optimal balance between maximizing the time a facility is able to operate and the investment needed to achieve that ideal run time, facilities should use a new approach to reliability called Quantitative Reliability Optimization (QRO). QRO represents the next leap forward in reliability modeling and will help ensure industrial facilities maximize their investments while improving their reliability.

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