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Making the Leap to Upgrade Your Software

Making the Leap to Upgrade Your Software

Inspectioneering Journal, July/August 2018 Issue 

As discussed in “Achieving the Full Potential of Asset Performance Management Platforms” which was published in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Inspectioneering Journal, companies often tend to:

  • Struggle with implementations of Asset Performance Management (APM) applications, and
  • Fail to achieve the full potential of those applications.

As posited in the first article, there are many reasons for these struggles, including: lack of vision/goals, software-focused implementations, and exclusion of necessary activities to minimize costs. By taking a different approach, in which a reliability or mechanical integrity program aligns the functional needs of the business with the technical capabilities of APM, the full potential of your software can be unlocked.

While the first article discussed implementation, this article will explore incorporating this approach into an important initiative that many APM software users are currently evaluating: upgrading their software to the newest version.

Fundamentally, upgrades are for the best—they often offer new user interfaces, new technologies, and improved user friendliness. However, realistically, upgrading to a new software version does present some challenges which are inherent to a platform upgrade. The situation is compounded for users that have added a substantial volume of customization to their installation.

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