Water Finance & Management, August 2021 Issue  

Water is our most basic need and therefore, our most precious resource. For the past half century, private companies in commercial industries have worked constantly to improve reliability. In municipal arenas, the adoption of reliability strategies has been much slower to take hold. A project that builds more water capacity may be simple to understand and easy to fund, but optimization is hard to quantify and even more difficult to measure up front. Plus, with populations growing, there is a need to add capacity, resulting in these types of projects being prioritized.

Today, U.S. water facilities are spending more on operations and less on capital, meaning that they are not expanding the number of assets but are spending more to manage older assets. If these trends continue, these industries will be faced with a difficult choice in a few years: substantial water restrictions or massive investments in new assets that ratepayers will painfully bear.

How can these crucial industries address these reliability challenges? Read the full article below.

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