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To have a successful reliability program, you need to invest your reliability and maintenance resources in the right places. Our range of program assessments will ensure that you are investing your resources correctly by providing an assessment of the current state of your facility as well as a practical plan to improve your program with associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance improvement.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Significant unplanned downtime

Misalignment on plan or funding from key resources

Uncertainty of using reliability resources in the right places

Difficulty of implementing a standardized approach across multiple sites

How We Solve These Challenges

Our assessments range from single units to multiple sites depending on your specific need. All our assessments incorporate basic practice area maturity scales and are coupled with KPI evaluation, key data, and documentation sampling to help you understand potential performance improvement opportunities for your facility. By delivering an assessment that identifies performance gaps and prescribes a practical plan to address your programmatic challenges, we will help you recognize the value and financial benefit your facility will gain from incorporating performance improvement initiatives.

Areas of opportunity that we identify can be customized as needed to align with your facility's internal best practices. Example items we address related to Asset Performance Management and Reliability/Maintenance programs include:

Work Processes and Procedures

Continuous Improvement

Equipment Document Management

Planning and Scheduling

Data Management

Work Execution

Asset Strategies

Materials Management

Technology Utilization (CMMS, APM Software, etc.)

Project Management (shutdown, turnaround, capital projects, etc.)

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