Pinnacle’s operation & maintenance (O&M) partnership helps lower energy costs, reduce operating costs, improve maintenance programs, provide O&M program development and assistance, and increase regulatory compliance. Encompassing reliability centered maintenance (RCM) principles, our focus is to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate your facility is running smoothly.

While reliability and performance are the gold standard for managing assets, they should also set the standard for your workforce and processes. If your people aren’t performing up to capabilities, neither will your assets. Pinnacle focuses on building the reliable asset management programs, processes, and people you need to support your assets and keep your facility running smoothly. Our solutions focus on evaluating, improving, and sustaining those improvements – providing you with the goals and the tools you need for your facility to excel.

Success Highlights:

  • Achieved 26% reduction in annual O&M costs through reliability centered maintenance.
  • No overtime experienced for over 6-month period.
  • 60% cost reduction achieved leveraging reliability centered maintenance.

Services Include:

  • Full Contract Operations and Maintenance Management
  • Condition Assessment
  • Current Practices Assessment / Gap Analysis
  • Safety Assessment
  • Staffing Analysis / Audit
  • Risk Assessment/RCM Analysis
  • Process Operations / Process Operability
  • O&M Plan Development/RCM Implementation
  • Operator Routine Duties
  • Document Development & Training
  • Maintenance Management and Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Startup & Commissioning of New Facilities
  • Operator Training and Oversight
  • Staff Augmentation Services
  • Rate Study & Capital Improvement Planning
  • Energy Audit
  • Process Operability Analysis
  • Leadership Training
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