Operate and Maintain Your Facility with a Focus on Reliability.

Today’s water, wastewater, and waste-to-energy facilities must balance the demands of safety, environment and cost. As budgets for water and wastewater treatment facilities continue to shrink, these facilities are asked to do more with less: meet stricter environmental and safety compliance standards, manage revenues, reduce energy expenditure, and keep costs low without reducing the level of service to ratepayers. With approximately 30 to 50 percent of water industry operators due to retire in the next decade, attracting and retaining qualified and certified staff is an additional challenge these facilities have to address with their shrinking budgets.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Downtime, premature equipment failure, process upsets, and threats to permit

Staffing issues, including backup problems and high turnover

Lack of operational procedures and operator knowledge, resulting in poor operations in both run maintain and operational upset scenarios

How We Solve These Challenges

For water, wastewater, and waste-to-energy facilities, we offer a comprehensive operations and maintenance service that results in maximum reliability, optimized maintenance and lifecycle spend, and compliance with regulatory permits. Coupled with our Asset Performance Management (APM) Program Management offering, our operations and maintenance services include:

Providing thorough APM KPI dashboards to the customer on a regular basis

Accurately managing work orders and APM data through proper software

Providing and training qualified operations and maintenance staff

Ensuring asset reliability and maintenance strategies are built and kept up to date

Monitoring asset condition through inspections, predictive maintenance, and operator rounds

Conducting proper maintenance on assets per best-in-class procedures

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