We will be at CWEA AC22!

We will be attending CWEA AC22 in Sacramento, California in April. Join Benjamin Dutro and Ralph Stevens for a workshop titled, “Process-based Energy Strategies to Enhance Reliability” on April 11th.

Workshop: Process-based Energy Strategies to Enhance Reliability

Monday, April 11, 2022 – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Learn how to enhance system performance for better energy and resource conservation, optimization, and management. This workshop will demonstrate how water system operators can use a data-driven system-level process optimization strategy to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of treatment processes, improving the reliability and resilience of the whole system. The workshop will cover:
  • Self-assessment tools and investigation strategies designed to evaluate high opportunity priority areas for energy and reliability improvements, focusing on identifying ways to approach energy projects through the lens of enhanced reliability, controllability, and operability.

  • Emerging technologies and operational strategies that have the potential to dramatically improve the energy profile of wastewater treatment through improved bio-chemical optimization strategies and enhanced control.

  • Case studies on energy utility funding sources, energy project development activities, and creative procurement and implementation opportunities.

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We can’t wait to see you there.
  • April 11-14

  • Sacramento

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