The constant drive to get to first quartile Mechanical Integrity (MI) and Reliability drives facilities to invest in all sorts of initiatives and solutions year after year. However, the challenge remains the same – unacceptable failures, inefficient processes, and wasted budgets still exist. Which leads to the question, where do facilities need to focus to get to Q1?

The quartile these complex facilities are in is driven by the decisions being made on a regularly basis. Every week, critical and costly maintenance, operations, process, and capital decisions are being made by facility stakeholders with the data that is available to them.

The “right data” gap is costing these facilities millions.

The question then becomes, what is the “right data”?  There is a lot of talk around emerging technologies in the data space: Big Data, Industrial IoT, Machine Learning, and Digital twins to name a few. But before diving in and banking on these to solve your reliability and integrity problems, consider the following:

Much of the “right data” gap is scattered throughout facilities, hardcopy or digital. How many thousands of inspection and maintenance files or associated data are not being leveraged to make good decisions?

With the “right data” at these facilities’ fingertips, the industrial community already has the engineering models to design, maintain, gather appropriate condition data with reliability in mind. 99% of loss of containment incidents in industry would have been prevented with the models that were already known.

Machine learning or anomaly detection technologies, while valuable, need to be combined with fundamental process, operations, failure and condition data and models to realize their full value.

So – what’s the solution?

The right data, using the right models, to drive the right reliability and maintenance decisions and subsequent execution. To do this, the solution should be employed as a very regimented and detailed process. And because every company’s and facility’s needs are different, a basic representation is below.

Pinnacle Partnership

Pinnacle has gathered, organized, and analyzed more mechanical integrity and reliability data than any other company in the world. If you’re not sure if you have your data and strategies working for you, contact us to see how in 10 days, we can show you by very tangibly (using your own data) your current gap.

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