Use On-Demand APM KPI Dashboards to Make Better Reliability Decisions.

Collecting and analyzing the correct data is essential to making strategic reliability decisions for your facility. While your facility may already gather and store an extensive amount of data, knowing what data to focus your analysis on will help you make better Asset Performance Management (APM) decisions for your facility. Our on-demand APM Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards organize your facility's data and help you determine what data you need to focus on.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Reports that are overwhelming and provide too much information that doesn't connect to overarching goals or concerns

Inability to drill down into metrics that relate to being off plan

Lack of knowledge if KPIs are good compared to peers

Uncertainty of what to do to improve current high-level KPIs

How We Solve These Challenges

Proper KPI reporting efficiently provides the insights you need to make better APM decisions for your facility. We develop KPI reporting dashboards that highlight the current state of your facility and identify the key areas where your facility’s performance can improve.

Depending on your need, our team will develop KPI reports with your key stakeholders that will support the execution of an effective APM program, including:

Comprehensive KPI workshop to define what KPIs and linked metrics that stakeholders need to be effective, such as historical availability, asset risk (downtime and loss of containment), maintenance and inspection spend, compliance, and data quality

Setting up the KPI dashboard by addressing necessary data interfaces to various APM packages

Managing and monitoring KPIs and delivering regular reports to identified stakeholders

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