Create Best-in-Class Inspection and Maintenance Plans.

The key to successfully performing any inspection or maintenance activity is preparation. Our team will work with your facility to proactively develop thorough procedures and instructions for all activities that occur from task initiation to closure, enabling planners to focus on critical facility decisions. Our team bridges the gap across the planning and execution phases of work by utilizing data analysis to evaluate efficiencies and streamline critical path activities.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Absence of resources to fully develop plans and maintenance tasks

Unclear work instructions or procedures, which cause execution inefficiency and near misses

Rushed execution planning due to urgent responses, which increase risk of quality and safety gaps

Lack of prioritization of turnaround plan reductions based on future availability

How We Solve These Challenges

Our team will help your facility prepare for upcoming inspection and maintenance activities by providing the following documentation:

Inspection Execution Plans

Planned execution strategies are built as work packages for field execution of optimized asset inspection activities. Our team can develop work packages, procedures and accessibility plans that are loaded into the appropriate client system. These enable planners to understand requirements and plan upcoming activities more efficiently and effectively.

Maintenance Work Instructions

Work packages developed allow for the efficient and consistent execution of activities to ensure facility availability and simplified data evaluation for performance management. The development of these standards also enables the appropriate risk mitigation and definition of the facility maintenance management work processes. Our team will conduct an evaluation and develop a strategy to work with your existing planning and scheduling department to apply best practices to your plans. This includes developing any necessary processes and procedures, as well as training your personnel to be able to sustain the program in the following years.

Repair Procedures

Preplanned repair procedures reduce the effort required of the planner for complex and costly repairs, resulting in fewer mistakes due to rushed repairs. These are normally developed for critical equipment.

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