Know Your Equipment Condition through Quality Inspections,Efficient Performance, and Streamlined Reporting.

Understanding the condition of your assets is critical to making the correct long-term decisions for your facility. Our inspection and condition assessment group ensures you have a best-in-class Asset Performance Management (APM) program by providing you with the accurate condition of your assets through the deployment of a range of technologies.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Lack of run and maintain inspections and turnaround inspection support

Non-digitized previous inspections that were not uploaded into your system

Absence of real-time monitors such as ultrasonics, vibration, or other NDE

Uncertainty if your current inspection contractor is overcharging or delivering good metrics

How We Solve These Challenges

In addition to having strong asset strategies in place, gathering the right inspection and condition data on your assets is essential to running a best-in-class APM program. We help ensure that you are gathering the right inspection and condition data through the following services:

Risk-based or time-based inspections on fixed equipment

Special emphasis projects on fixed equipment, including Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), soil-to-air interface, touch point, and others

Operational readiness condition assessments in preparation for startup

Vendor surveillance and quality assurance

Turnaround inspections on fixed equipment

Design confirmation, including vessel strapping and Positive Material Identification (PMI)

For all the above applications, we typically employ our Connected Field™ software so that inspection data can be quality controlled and relayed directly into your APM software, and inspection efficiencies can be tracked.

Inspection technologies we employ include:

Advanced NDE: Ultrasonics, Automated Ultrasonics (AUT), Advanced AUT, Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) and Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Tank Floor Scans (MFE), Full Face Evaluation (FFE) for In-Service Flanges, Positive Material Identification (PMI), MsS Guided Wave, Exchanger Tube Testing (EC, RFT, NFT, IRIS), Small-Bore Piping UTT (SBP)

Real-time hardware deployment and monitoring for ultrasonics and vibration

Rope Access

Visual inspections (API 510, 570, 653)

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