How do you know if your Inspection program is effective? With inspection data being collected in a multitude of ways by a multitude of inspectors and contractors, it may be difficult to tell. Use the checklist below to see where you can get more from your Inspection program, identify opportunities to be more effective and efficient, and determine if you have the right amount of resources:

12 Key Elements of aBest in Class Inspection Program

An Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) is used.

The IDMS is well-implemented and is a trusted and reliable source of information.

Fixed equipment U1/Construction Drawings and data sheets are stored in the IDMS.

Over 95% of inspection events are stored in the IDMS.

Inspection documentation (previous inspection reports, UT surveys, inspection drawings) are stored in the IDMS.

API Inspectors complete 800 or more API 510/570 external visuals within a year.

Over 95% of piping is circuitized.

Overdue CMLs are not a significant problem.

Less than 10% of inspectors’ time is spent on office-related tasks.

Approximate time to complete the average external visual inspection is less than 2 hours.

Average time to prepare an inspection package is less than 15 minutes.

Level 2 NDE Technicians capture 12,000 or more CML UTs within a year.

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