Ensure You Have the Right Data, Digitized, Verified, Organized, and Ready for Analysis.

Are you using the right data from your Asset Performance Management (APM) program to make reliability and maintenance decisions for your facility? Gathering, verifying, and organizing the right data from your APM program can be challenging. We solve your data challenges by implementing an effective data foundation for your facility.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Hardcopy documents house a lot of data that needs to be accurately digitized

Undefined process of what data is important for a high-functioning APM program

An abundance of existing digital data with unconfirmed quality that is not organized for analysis

How We Solve These Challenges

One of the most challenging aspects of a successful APM program is getting a handle on all the right data in the facility and ensuring it is verified and organized. After the data is verified and organized, proper analysis can be performed to drive the right reliability and maintenance decisions. With our team of dedicated data experts, we help to create a strong data foundation by:

    • Defining what data is important for a high functioning APM program
    • Building and executing a plan to gather, validate, and organize that data
    • Using field walkdowns or 3D scanning models to confirm assets in the field or redlining Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
    • Building and validating a master equipment list and developing parent/child hierarchies
    • Using our Renamer™ software to rename equipment documentation
    • Using our Dataminer™ software to extract key design data from documents and perform quality assurance and control
    • Using our Circuitizer™ software to digitally circuitize piping circuits on P&IDs
    • Defining equipment spare parts list for MRO
    • Organizing design, process, operating, and historical inspection and maintenance data for validation by key facility stakeholders

Depending on the nature of the challenge, some or all of the items above can be performed, resulting in a data set that is ready for reliability analysis.

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