Ensure Reliability and Maintenance Plans Are Kept Up to Date, Every Day.

Are your asset strategies kept up to date? You may currently have strong asset strategies in place at your facility, but as the condition of your assets begin to change, design changes and integrity operating excursions can occur. Asset strategy evergreening is essential to maintaining a robust Asset Performance Management (APM) program.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Lack of feedback from inspection/condition data to equipment strategies in order to improve them

Out-of-date equipment strategies due to MOC items not being processed through APM

Untracked integrity operating excursions which are not being properly actioned

Ineffective strategy management due to an understaffed team that assumes there will not be any impacts to strategies until next revalidation

How We Solve These Challenges

Once an APM program is implemented, program standards, procedures, and processes slightly adjust to incorporate real-time feedback and small process improvements. Our team refines program documentation during asset strategy evergreening and captures feedback in real time to ensure that your program works for you.

We ensure proper asset strategy evergreening by:

Updating asset strategies in real time with all new inspection and maintenance data

Ensuring proper strategy updates occur per the Management of Change (MOC) work process

Create relationships to improve awareness of small changes not processed through MOC

Tracking Integrity Operating Window (IOW) excursions or machine learning anomolies and actioning appropriately through the site

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