Buy the Right APM Software That Fits Your Program Objectives.

Buying an Asset Performance Management (APM) software can be driven by a variety of different objectives and owner-operator stakeholders. However, it's crucial to clarify the objectives with the effort and ensure the right software is being bought, along with a plan to properly implement it. Since we work with most of the major software packages out there, we can help you.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Vague objectives for buying or replacing APM software

Misalignment from stakeholders that are pushing for different software

Unclear long-term costs or risks with selecting certain software

Uncertainty of whether certain software will satisfy your objectives

How We Solve These Challenges

We have an in-depth knowledge of APM software capabilities, work processes, and strengths and weaknesses based on hundreds of projects. We have dealt with most of the primary APMs, Inspection Data Management Systems (IDMSs), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) programs, and other related tools in the market, so we understand the strengths and weaknesses of them and how they can be applied to hit your overall program objectives.

Once the right software packages are selected, we can work with you to fit the implementation plan within your overall program improvement and management plan to ensure you're realizing your objectives. Our team will help you select the right software and ensure you are properly planning to realize the value from that software by:

Facilitating requirements workshops to define both the IT and functional requirements (types of assets you want to manage, risk calculation specifications, user configurations, interfaces with existing packages, etc.) for the software

Helping define the ranking of those requirements based on importance and criticality

Shortlisting the packages in the market based on requirement rankings and our knowledge database and research

Serving as a trusted advisor during vendor demonstrations and pilots to ensure the understanding

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