Solidify Your APM Foundation with the Right Objectives, KPIs, and Workflows.

Having a strong Asset Performance Management (APM) foundation is crucial to the success of your Mechanical Integrity or Reliability program. Many facilities believe that their programs are in order because they have an APM software in place. However, if key stakeholders are not focused on the same objectives for their program, facilities will have a harder time knowing if they are meeting their goals. Focusing on common objectives and having the right insights delivered by optimized workflows and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are fundamental to establishing a strong APM foundation.

Common Challenges We Help Solve

Absence of an optimized workflow for key reliability activities within your APM software

Insufficient employee use and knowledge of current workflows

KPIs that do not empower your team to understand if objectives are being met and what to do if they are not

How We Solve These Challenges

Having an effective APM program not only requires a strong APM software, but also requires having other program foundations in place.

We have the expertise and experience in building robust APM programs. Through facilitated workshops with our experts, we will work with your team to adapt our best-in-class organization, workflows, procedures, and KPIs to meet your facility’s specific needs using the tools you already have at your site, including:

An organization chart with roles, responsibilities, and success criteria defined by role

A dashboard with the right KPIs and regular reporting cadence

A set of program workflows showing how key activities are performed and who is responsible for each activity

A set of program procedures for each APM facet, including reliability, maintenance, mechanical integrity, and other related procedures

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