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Reliability Technology Landscape

Technology Success

Pinnacle knows what a top-notch reliability program looks like, and we have the in-depth knowledge of almost all the major reliability software. With extensive experience implementing and utilizing these programs for customers across the globe, we are confident we can make your program work for you. Whether you need the program optimally set up from the beginning or need to realign an existing program to maximize return on investment, we have the subject matter expertise to help you achieve success.

Observations and Tips for Reliability and Integrity Technologies

Learn about common pitfalls themes, including which software packages are available, how they are implemented, and also evergreened.

Improving MI Program Performance with APM Software Migration.

Learn how we helped a fertilizer company migrate to an IDMS that better fit its needs to meet compliance.

Driving Culture Change by Leveraging GE APM Upgrade

Learn how we helped a specialty chemicals facility switch to a proactive approach through an upgrade of GE APM.
Right now, everyone is trying to figure out how to effectively usher in digital transformation. There are so many powerful technologies, but we see over and over operators’ getting frustrated with the simple foundations of their reliability information. Technology should drive program improvements and simplify workers’ lives, not the opposite.

Steve Flory, Engineering Manager, on Enabling Technology

Building Technology

We identify industry gaps and create new solutions to fulfill customer-specific needs and where there is a lack of reliability excellence. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we improve on technologies that already exist – working to prioritize, build roadmaps, test, and deliver the best product to our customers. Pinnacle Technology is deeply connected to our strong team of over 700+ reliability professionals and works hand-in-hand with our Research and Development function to bring the most valuable reliability technology to you.

40+ Reliability Focused Developers

Technical Partnerships: Microsoft, SAP, Cognite

Cloud-Native, API First, Event Driven

Newton™ An Analytics Platform Built For All Your Reliability Decisions

Newton™ connects all of your data and systems, allowing you to see each data point from one platform, analyze that data, and provide plans that drive quantifiable value at your facility.
To model the reliability of a complex system and perform optimization across multiple variables, we had to tap cloud computing in a way that had not been done outside of Silicon Valley. Newton™ is a SaaS offering built on cloud native technology deployed in Microsoft Azure.

Barrett Cousins, President, discussing Developing the Technology to Make QRO a Reality

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